Sadly this is the end of the PAGGS 2019 camp. But…. We do not say goodbye or farewell.

We say: See you later or Till next time

Activity day 2 and campfire with performers

Another day full of Activities. D&D, Shelter building, First aid, etc.

Between all of this we are relaxing. The campfire started in the evening with songs, yells and campfire performers. Also during the campfire our Camp Leader Stefan van der Meer was awarded with an award for exceptional merit.

Receptions and Karaoke night

Today we had receptions with different presentations and guests

In the afternoon we got to swim and in the evening we had karaoke and campfire


Today we went to Amsterdam. Wake up early and back late. But we had fun. Going to the zoo and/or the museum and of course shopping. After diner we watched a movie.

Hike and rain

Today the end of the 2 day hike in the rain.

The younger subcamps went into Harderwijk.

Its still too dry to make a campfire so we have candles as replacement for the campfires on the subcamps.

Hike day and stars

Today we start with the one day hike and the 2 day hike. In the evening we have a
class over planets and stars. Afterwards we could watch Jupiter and Saturn live through the telescopes.

Activities day 1

Today we started with the first day of activities. Many different challenges were taken on. The rain did not stop people from stopping. A quiz was held in the evening

Camp Buildup & Get to know games

Tuesday started very early with the arrival of the Danish participants. After breakfast it was time for the official opening of PAGGS 2019. As the camp was now officially open, the subcamps started to buildup their kitchens. In the afternoon it was time for the participants to play the “get to know” games.

First Arrivals

In the afternoon the first participants arrived. The Scots, the English and In the evening our Polish guest, everyone present eats together.

Subcamp Preparations

This week the preliminary subcamp division has been sent to all the delegation leaders. After all feedback has been received, we will create the final subcamp lists.

The whole organizing team is well on its way to create a great camp for all participants.

See you in a few weeks!